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Glassartist: Martina Schlemminger


This time we want to introduce you to Martina Schlemminger from the “kleinen verroterie” – unikum glasperlen – and her unique glass art.

How it all startet …
In October 2008 she got infected, as she says, from a colleague’s wife. And then everything happend very quickly: first a HotHead in the kitchen, then a surface mix torch and the first orders.
Since 2009 you can find her in and around Schwäbisch Hall on fairs and in the museum Wackershofen. And finally 2011 she took the chance and got self-employed: with a friend she shared a small shop. And had to move because she needed more space. Since November 2012 she owns the “kleine verroterie”, near Kochen in Schwäbisch Hall.

People interested in her work can watch her lampworking – the torch stands – as in Lauscha – directly in the shop window. Also other craftspeople found their way into her shop, where you can always explore new stuff – like an all season christmas tree or glass feathers and bottle devils from Lauscha.


If you want to see more of Martina’s works, visit her Facebook-site!


die “kleine verroterie”
unikum glasperlen
martina schlemminger
bahnhofstr. 11
74523 schwäbisch hall

tel.: 0791 / 93 75 120