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Here you can find glass rods, frit and powders in COE 104 as well as accessories like jewellery and tools for beadmaking.  My focus is on valuable products like accessories made of surgical steel (well tolerated by most people who have allergies) and Beadhoppers products that are nickel free and beautifully silvered. New is the COE 96 product line with its bright colors.

“Vetromagic KG” hat been found in 2009 by Verena Spitz and Gerhard Egger.
Verena Spitz started in 2005 with beadmaking and presents her work as “Glasperlenwerk”. She contributed her knowledge around glass and beadmaking.
Gerhard Egger is owner of the company “Auer Grafik Buch Web” and contributed his knowledge of graficdesign, internet shops and everything regarding technic and programming. Lisa Amon took care of sales, graphics, communication etc since 2009 with the help of Marion Bräuer.

Vetromagic as a product label
Starting on the 1. october 2016 Elisabeth “Lisa” Amon took over the online shop and Vetromagic products as sole proprietor. Frit blends are mixed in Austria, using glasses from Italy (Murano) and Germany.

Since 2009, the main focus has been on frits and frit mixtures, as well as glass powder and powder mixtures with the coefficient of expansion (AK / COE) 104. The glass that is most often used in Europe for bead making. It is therefore as compatible as possible and suitable for both beginners and advanced pearls. In addition, you can now also find fries in AK 96, with particularly strong and easy-to-use pink tones.
Due to the cooperation with the store concept in Vienna, the Vetromagic shop also offers a wide range of 104 glass rods from Effetre (Moretti), Reichenbach and CiM.

There is a lot of work and love in Vetromagic products. I look forward to ideas, requests and complaints – because this is the only way to improve!

“I hope you have lots of fun with the products provided in my shop!”

Lisa Amon

Vienna, october 2016