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5 surgical steel bails *surgical-steel*


VAT exempted according to § 6 Abs. 1 Z 27 UStG

5 surgical steel snap on bails (5 pieces)

Looked onto from the loop-side

Total length:1,3 cm
Greatest loop-width outside: 0,9 cm
Greatest loop-width inside: 0,7 cm
Greatest loop-width inside: ca. 0,7 cm
Smallest spot: 2 mm (is split in the middle – here is the snap clasp located)

Looked onto from the front (when the bail hangs from a chain)

Smallest width : 2 mm
Greatest width: 7 mm

The name says it all: This classic design bail is made of well tolerated surgical steel and has a snap clasp. You will need 2 pliers to open it because of the robust material that makes unintentional opening impossible after it snapped shut. You will also hear the “snapping”-sound. Please use covered pliers or a cloth to prevent cratching.

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