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Cool Ice


VAT exempted according to § 6 Abs. 1 Z 27 UStG

Cool Ice – Glaciers, icicles and snowballs in one blend.

Depending on how you work with this frit blend you will capture all the different aspects of frozen water.

Frit blend made of many different light blue and clear glasses .
Really icy looking and transparent.
Easy to use and good looking rolled onto light opaque colors (white, light skyblue,..) as well onto watery transparent glasses like clear, light blue, light aqua, alessandrite…

Simply roll a white basebead in the blend and melt the frit a little down – but not in – ready is your snowball!
For icicles we have done a tutorial (Tutorial_frit_icicles_web) for you. And if you like to bild a glacier – try our 1000-Stringer-Technik!

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