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Mata Hari *Mix*


VAT exempted according to § 6 Abs. 1 Z 27 UStG

Mata Hari – exciting, adventurous red variations, with some violet and a pinch of white – like from 1000 and one night – wouldn’t a combination with gold be great?

Mata Hari is a little bit sensitive. The reds want to be heated gently and slowly, also it doesn’t like sudden cooling with cold tools so much.
But who caresses it, receives a result in its full splendor.
It contains a heat striker. If it turns brown, it was too hot for it too fast – this reaction can, of course, be targeted. Dark reaction with ivory.

frit blend * Mix * coe104 & 20% coe96

Tip: Use 10%-percent-rule and make test beads, to make sure your combination works as wished for.
10%-percent-rule means: use a maximum of 10% 96coe glass together with 90% 104coe glass.  The rule refers to the whole bead. If your base bead is 104coe, with frit this will be no problem, but keep the rule in mind.

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An idea of how to use “Mata Hari”:
A big blob of clear, melted direct onto a piece of surgical steel wire, rolled in frit and then pressed into a leaf