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Oh Christmas tree! – Tutorial

Download-Tutorial For all of you, who don’t want to work off-mandrel, just work on the mandrel and use a Headpin afterwards with a festive sparkling ball on it’s end. How to make these cute little fellows, we are telling you in the new Christmas-tree-tutorial. There’s a great variety of different blends you can choose for decoration.

Angel of Crystal Clear with Strawberry Dream


For these heavenly creatures I have used the frit blend Strawberry Dream.For the wings and the skirtruffles I have used the petalmagic pliers. And if you my  surgical steel headpins with 3mm ball they can fly! Open / Download PDF


Icicle – Tutorial

Suitable für the coldest time of the year we created an icicle-tutorial for you. The good thing about them is – they wont melt! For our icicles and other frosty-ideas we made up a new blend: Kühles Eis/Cool Ice And all who love big icecrystalls use our Crystal Clear washed! For especially icy crystalls – pure