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Wigwag – Tutorial by Stephanie Hartmann

Stephanie zeigt uns ihre Wigwags!


Stephanie shows her vivid WigWags!


Here a short tutorial about how to make wonderfully colorful Wigwags with frit.Stephanie’s WigWags


To make WigWags you need


  • stringer in deepblack by Reichenbach
  • punty for pulling

    • I make a large blob on the end of a plain mandrel (I prefer white as base for colorful frit).
    • Then roll the hot blob in the frit blend and melt the frit in.
    • Apply Reichenbach deepblack stringer and melt them in.
    • Now dock the punty onto the blob.
      Hint: I use a metal plate as punty, that looks like a mandrel for ringtopmaking, but without thread (=cabochon mandrel). With that I have better grip and can pull evenly.
    • Now I heat a part of the blob, then pull and twist until the glass gets too cold to pull.
    • Then reheat the next part of the blob (not too hot so the glass won’t get liquid) and pull and twist.
    • If the blob was big enough in the beginning, it is possible to get 140 cm WigWag out in one piece … maybe I should mention: My arms are not that long – I remove the punty and grab the WigWag directly. This way you have good control of the heat and the rods are straight without big knots.


Good luck and have fun trying my WigWags!

Dear Stephanie, thank you so much for sharing this funny, colorful, creative idea with us!