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Flamingo Lagoon *Mix*


VAT exempted according to § 6 Abs. 1 Z 27 UStG

Flamingo Lagoon | Flamingo Lagune – summerly, fresh and jolly – loud pink and rose tones and cool turquoise.

Intensive color on white, not so bright and really interesting used on ivory.
Totaly easy to handle. The pinks always work and the blend likes it really hot!

Fritblend *Mix* coe104 & 27% coe96

Tip: Use 10%-percent-rule and make test beads, to make sure your combination works as wished for.
10%-percent-rule means: use a maximum of 10% 96coe glass together with 90% 104coe glass.  The rule refers to the whole bead. If your base bead is 104coe, with frit this will be no problem, but keep the rule in mind.

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