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wire – 0,8mm, 5m *surgical-steel*


VAT exempted according to § 6 Abs. 1 Z 27 UStG

5 meters surgical steel wire

Wire length: 5m  (for easier handling and rolled into 7cm diameter rolls)
Wire diameter: 0.8mm

This wire is made of well tolerated surgical steel and can be used for threading beads and formind as well as to bead on directly. Also you can form for example eyelets and work them into the hot bead (heat the desired spot on your bead and push the wire into it).

It does not rub off or tarnish like silver. Also it is a lot harder than silver wire but still good to work with. Because of its hardness it will not get scratched or deformed that easyly.

In contrast to crafting silver wire it is not plated. There will be no abrasion or change of color.

If you want to bead directly onto the wire do not hold the wire directly into the flame for too long or it will melt! But it is no problem when there is molten glass on it. Focus the flame onto the glass not onto the wire. It is no problem if it glows orange.

Here you find our video on how to clean surgical steel accessories!

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